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Polyethylene floating body

Polyethylene floating body
Polyethylene floating body
     Professional medium density polyethylene float manufacturers, production of medium density polyethylene floats, structural and mechanical properties are the industry leader.
Characteristics of the float density polyethylene
1.The floating body impact resistance to storms, compact structure, easy installation, excellent performance, become the first choice of customers lostsediment               discharge products.
2.Toughness, and resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, suitable for the construction of the sea and the lake.
3.High capacity, light weight, wear resistance, ease of installation and handling, low-cost transportation transfers, smooth cylinder, durable.
4.Corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long life, is three times that of steel pontoons life. Corrosion, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, free from water, chemicals and biological water erosion.
5.Assembly of simple, rapid, flexible, modeling and diverse.
6.Low price, cost significantly better than steel pontoons.
7.Because of stable quality, innovative design, reasonable prices, good service, welcomed by users.
1.Light weight, buoyancy.
2.Shock, acid and other corrosive.
3.Absorption rate.
4.Simple construction, low maintenance costs.
5.Temperature Range -60-80 ℃.
Mainly for the ocean, lakes and other dredging vessels, blowing sand, dredging water pipeline laying.
1.Pipelines to ensure water float.
2.The appearance of orange color can be used as warning signs to prevent the collision pipeline.
3.Convenient delivery inspection and maintenance of the pipeline.
4.Shorten the construction period, reduce cost, reduce maintenance costs.


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