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Polyethylene floating body

Polyethylene floating body
Polyethylene floating body
     Polyethylene is a popular floating body floating dredge pipeline material , it has a small size, light weight , buoyancy , anti- storm , anti-aging , long life advantages.
Structure and mechanical properties of the float density polyethylene :
     Medium density polyethylene floating body shell linear medium density polyethylene by rotational molding plastic , filled with polyurethane foam.
     Domestic life earliest practical use for eight years , is still in use . Depending on the work rather differently.
     Medium density linear polyethylene floats resistant oil, gasoline, diesel , used to be noted as well.
     Medium density linear polyethylene floating body surface is smooth, wear-resistant, can drag on without damage sandy beach , product impact , from the three-meter at the water-filled fall without breaking .
     Need to calculate the amount of floating body :
     My company [ Changzhou Xin Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ] produced by the buoyancy of the floating body of gravity than the 130% design, floating 6 m hose pipe and two Mi Falan , If you want to increase the buoyancy can also be designed , make the user according to the construction the specific circumstances and the        weight of the pipeline , sediment density decisions.
     Floating body installation:
    Should be used to install the floating body plate , bolts and straps factory supplied installation to fit elastic to plastic deformation as well, should be installed with double nut . When installing , you should avoid sharp objects stabbed floating body .

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