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Float density polyethylene

Float density polyethylene
Medium density polyethylene of the float features:
    1.A floating body using high-density synthetic material , corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long life, is three times the life of steel pontoons , corrosion , antifreeze , anti-oxidation , anti- purple lines strengthening of the material , without water, chemicals , pharmaceutical , bio- oil and water erosion ; pollution, do not damage the environment.
   2 , good floats toughness, resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, suitable for the construction of the sea and lakes ; body upper surface is non-slip tread design for extra security ; obtuse corners are circular shape, avoid general cement, wood, iron facilities the common hazards.
   3 , high capacity, light weight, wear resistance, ease of installation and handling, low- cost transportation transfers , smooth barrel , durability , buoyancy up to 350kg per square meter or more.
   4, the product life of more than 15 years , except in case of strong forces of nature and man-made improper use , do not need to spend any maintenance and repair costs.
   5 , assembly easy , fast, flexible , modeling and diverse.
   6, low price, cost significantly better than steel pontoons . Reasonable cost, economical, maintenance savings , maintenance, replacement , maintenance costs and time.
   7 , because of stable quality , innovative design, reasonable prices, good service , welcomed by users
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